Smoke Detectors

How do I maintain my smoke alarms?
The Fire & Rescue NSW recommends:

Every month

All of your smoke alarms should be tested at least every month to ensure that the battery and the alarm sounder are working.

Every six months

Every six months you should clean your smoke alarm with your vacuum cleaner. This will remove any particles that will hinder smoke alarm performance. If you are using a 9V lead battery you should consider changing it twice a year.

Once a year

If your smoke alarm has removable alkaline battery, you should replace the battery once a year. If your smoke alarm uses a lithium battery it will not need replacing annually as the battery is inbuilt into the alarm and the entire unit will need replacing every ten years.

Every ten years

Replace your smoke alarm with a new unit every ten years. Smoke alarms do not last forever, the sensitivy in all smoke alarms will reduce over time. All types of smoke alarms should be removed, replaced and disposed of every ten years. To assist in identifying the age of smoke alarms the AS3786 standard requires a serial number or batch number (Clause4.1(c)). This is usually done as a batch number i.e. 2406 may mean that the product was manufactured in the 24th week of 2006. Some manufacturers place the date of manufacture on the smoke alarm. The batch numbers of dates are usually on the base of the smoke alarm near the battery compartment.

Man changing smoke detector