Fire Protection System Design & Installation

What does that mean?

Whether you are building new premises or you occupy your existing building we design, supply and install the very best fire protection system possible giving your assets the protection they deserve.

The systems we design, install and service include:

  • Fire alarm and detection systems– providing the earliest possible warning of a fire with:
    • Smoke and thermal fire detection
    • Building occupant warning
    • Sprinkler systems – protecting your building and assets
    • Water based fire suppression systems
    • Emergency and exit lighting – providing a safe exit from emergency situations
    • Exit and directional advisory lighting
  • Fire fighting equipment – retard or suppress the escalation of fire with:
    • Extinguishers
    • Fire hose reels
    • Fire hydrants

All of these systems work to provide you with the best possible solution to your fire fighting and fire protection needs.

Fire Strobe